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Duncan, Son of Sagira

Sagira's story begin in ancient Egypt, in the land of pyramids and pharaohs. Legend says that in an instant she could burst into flames, become invisible, move faster than the deadliest snake, and even bend minds to her will. They say she could see things before they happened...

When she died, Sagira left behind a book of prophecies and five children. As their power grew, human worship turned to fear, and the Children of Sagira were hunted almost to extinction. To this day, they remain hidden, even from their own brothers and sisters.

Born into a modern world of house cats, Duncan possesses the magic of Sagira, but struggles to control his growing power. With the help of an unlikely companion, he embarks on a journey in search of answers. But as he finds his answers, Duncan begins to wonder whether the greatest danger to the ones he loves comes not from others, but from himself...

As the legend went...
Five from one,
Three daughters and two sons,
One with fire,
One with sight,
One to tell you wrong from right,
One to hide,
One to run,
Each with the golden power of the sun

The Characters

Who's Who?


As a kitten, Duncan learns that he is a descendant of Sagira and that he has inherited the power of sight. However, as he grows, Ducan's powers begin to manifest themselves in surprising ways. A cat born of legend, he struggles to walk his own path. In order to do this, Duncan must seek out the prophecies of Sagira from those that still believe.


Worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as a goddess, Sagira was the first of her kind. She possessed five mysterious powers. Legend says that no cat since Sagira has ever held more than one of her gifts. Hunted almost to extinction during the Dark Ages, the remaining Children of Sagira, and all those who worship them, remain hidden to this day.


Whiski has been through a lot in her life, and she has learned how to survive the hard way. Like Duncan, there is more to her than what meets the eye. Her small stature and large white whiskers mask the fact that she is a skilled fighter. As a mixed-breed, her knowledge of the Children of Sagira is limited to the nursery rhymes she learned as a kitten. When their paths cross, Duncan must fight to earn her friendship and her trust.


Duncan's mother and a child of sight, Nellie possesses the ability to see and alter the future, as well as the ability to blind her attackers. Nellie believes that it is the fate of all Children of Sagira to walk through life alone. She teaches Duncan the skills he needs to survive as a child of sight, and she warns him against ever revealing his identity.


As head of a purebred guard located near Duncan and Whiski's home, Varik is a proud Abyssinian who has dedicated his life to the protection of all cats. The purebred guard is tasked with the enforcement of rules for cat-human interaction, and it is also responsible for the destruction of all things connected to the Children of Sagira.

Franklin & Vera

Two purebred Persians, Franklin and Vera are sibling members of Varik's guard. While Franklin has always struggled to find acceptance among the purebred class, Vera is recognized as an expert soldier. Unbeknownst to them, their fate is intertwined with Duncan's.

Amiri & Nafisa

Amiri is the leader of the feral clan, Haji, and Nafisa is his daughter. Also known as Scribes of Sagira, they have devoted their lives to the protection of the Book of Sagira. Their war against the purebreds has all but failed, and they have taken refuge underground in the sewers. While Amiri and Nafisa fight to preserve their history, discord grows among the members of their clan.

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"The story is incredibly imaginative and quirky..."

"Unabashedly goofy, the well-written, action-packed story doesn't end here; it's only the first of a three part series."

"Cat and magic fans, unite!"

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About the Author

E.C. Holley

The daughter of a librarian and a professor, E.C. Holley grew up surrounded by books. As time passed, her belief in the power of story-telling only grew stronger. Fascinated by the mysterious life of house cats, she drew inspiration from her much loved feline companions and began building a world of cats filled with ancient powers, purebred guards, and feral clans. Duncan, Son of Sagira is the first in a series of books dedicated to the mysterious Children of Sagira.

E.C. Holley is an Associate Professor of Management at Central Washington University, and she currently lives in Kirkland, Washington, with her computer programmer husband and her three (seriously unimpressed) cats.

E.C. Holley can be reached at

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